The HotSpoot is a device meant to be on stage during privacy related conference for educational purpose. It offers a Wifi access point. At the beginning of the conference, just ask the attendees to connect to your HotSpoot. During the conference, people will naturally use their smartphones to browse the Web, use Facebook or Twitter, or others. The HotSpoot will observe the network traffic and the light will change of color according to the website which is visited.

The HotSpoot is meant to:

  • provide an Internet connection
  • to observe the routed traffic

While observing the network traffic, it collects these statistics:

  • list of DNS resolvers
  • list of DNS queries
  • list of visited websites

At the end of the conference, explain what the HotSpoot is and show the statistics to the attendees.

You can clone the HotSpoot git repository.


The HotSpoot uses:

The total price is around 250€.


The HotSpoot itself is based on:

The HotSpoot companion is a Docker container running on a separate computer based on:

  • statsd for statistics collection
  • graphite for data storage and graphing

Statistics collection

In order to draw nice plots from the raw statistics, the HotSpoot sends information to another machine running statsd and graphite. It is also possible to use grafana with this grafana graphite Docker image.


Few videos and pictures